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Romantic, upbeat, + authentic love stories told through film.

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Hi there! Founder of MADE along the LINE here. My name is Madeline (get it??) Anywayyy...Whether you're here because you're not quite sure if you want a videographer or you already know a video is important to you, you're in the right place!

Let me just start by saying you will not regret having a video of your wedding day. I mean who wouldn't want a music video of themselves on one of the most important days of their life?? A lot of people book their videographer last, and that's okay! I know it can seem like a bit much having lots of cameras pointed at you at one time. But my style is not invasive, and I strive to be your videographer/best friend on your day. I will never make you feel uncomfortable because I've been in front of a camera, and it was nerve wrecking. I thought my life career was to be a news personality way back when ,and I sat in front of a teleprompter and everything. I've modeled for wedding dress boutiques, and other photographers as well. So, I get it. It can be intimidating. That's why I love making people feel their best and most beautiful self in front of the camera!


Someone once said to me that photographs and film are the only two things from your wedding that last forever. And that really struck me. Photography is an art, and one I will always admire. But film is a way to see others in action. Maybe you go back and watch your film to see a loved one that has passed on, or laughs that were shared during cocktail hour while you were doing your portrait session, or a rare moment of grandma breaking it down on the dance floor. That's what's so special about film. It's not just one moment that was captured, it's like a time travel machine that takes you back to multiple moments and real movement.  

Photo by Ellie Mandeville Photo