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Founder: Madeline Reagor

Hi there! Madeline here, owner and founder of Made Along The Line. I was born in Charleston, SC and just haven't left since! Charleston is my forever home, but I also love to travel!


Working for my college's sports video production team while in school, I found my passion for film. Creating romantic, epic videos is definitely one of my favorite things ever. Nothing is better than syncing up an epic shot to a sick beat drop!...Other than cats! I LOVE cats! Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady, and I'm proud of it. I grew up dancing (and still do), so I think that's why I love the syncing of film to music. Music moves me when I'm editing so I can create a passionate, memorable, and yes, EPIC film!


I know how awkward it can feel being in front of a camera. I tried to be a news personality way back when and sat in front of the teleprompter and everything. I've modeled for wedding dress boutiques, and other photographers as well. So, I get it. It can be intimidating. That's why I love making people feel their best and super comfortable in front of the camera!  


When I'm not shooting or editing, I'm at home relaxing watching Bravo TV, Survivor, or The Office while snuggling one of my two cats, at happy hour watching the Charleston sunset with a cocktail in hand with some of my favorite ladies, cheering on my man at Charleston Battery soccer games, or dancing at the best dance studio in Charleston, Dance Lab.

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If any of those things sound great to you, there's no doubt in my mind that we'd get along! So let's sit down, grab some coffee (or a cocktail), and let's create together! 

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Catnap Coordinator
Cat House Manager

Penelope Pussycat is in charge of employee health and wellness. She makes sure everyone is well-rested with no empty tummies every day...especially herself. She really doesn't do much around the office...not sure why she's still employed. Probably because she's so cute and is very good at getting what she wants!

Fennec, better known as Mr. Fen, lets you know when he's bothered with a loud, hefty meow. He allows little noise throughout the office, except for when he gets random bursts of energy after finding catnip in his toys. He enjoys cuddling hard core, barely sleeping, bothering Penny, and getting into anything and eveything.