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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer

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Venue, check. Planner, check. Photographer, check. Caterer, check. Hair & makeup, check. Florist, check. DJ, check. Videographer....check? If you're in between on hiring a videographer for your wedding, this is the post for you!

Maybe you think a videographer is someone who is going to make this massive movie-like production of your day and going to have a 10 camera set up with tons of lights blinding your guests. While that may be what some commercial videographers do, most wedding videographers are NOT like that. Heck, we want to carry around as little gear as possible, but still document your day as best we can. If that's something you're concerned about, take the time to get to know the videographers you're reaching out to. I always have client calls with my brides so that they can get to know me and my work style.

So, are you considering it a bit more?? Well, here are 7 more reasons why you will not regret hiring a videographer for your special day!


1. Videographers capture sound & movement that photos can't.

Don't you love when wedding videos include sweet words said in vows, speeches, raw moments like first looks, letters being read aloud, bridesmaid giggles, and groomsmen being, well, groomsmen? Hearing audio from your day can really bring you back to that specific moment. The possibilities with audio is endless! And let's not forget the aspect of movement that video gives us. Photos are great! But most photos can't encapsulate the true movement of that specific moment. Like seeing grandma break it down on the dance floor for the first time in 20 years, or seeing the full effect of your groom's emotions the first time he sees you walking down the aisle. Or maybe someone you loved that was there has passed and seeing them in motion or hearing their voice brings them back to life for you. These are the sounds you'll cherish forever.

2. A video captures those raw, in-between moments.

Photos can absolutely capture raw moments too. I know so many amazing photographers who are so skilled in capturing those moments exactly. Not those traditional, posed shots. I'm talking about those laugh out loud moments, the moments you didn't even realize a camera was pointed at you. Why not have a video of all of them to look back on too?

3. A videographer allows you to have an unplugged ceremony!

A lot of people may not think this is a super big deal, but let me tell you, there is nothing worse to a videographer, or photographer, than a massive IPad being held out into the aisle while we're trying to do our job. We're there for a reason. I promise we're getting better images and footage than that IPad. Having a videographer capture your whole entire ceremony allows for 1. better video quality of your ceremony and 2. better photos that don't have screens sticking up out of the crowd everywhere.

4. A way to see things at your wedding that you may have been too busy to see day-of.

So many people say that their wedding day flew by, and that the number one regret was not having a videographer capture the moments they may not have remembered or even seen. You and your partner are the star of the show. Everyone wants to see you, talk to you, dance with you, take a shot with you. Sometimes it feels like you're running around on your most special day like a chicken with your head cut off. You're so busy talking to people, taking pictures, and doing all the things brides and grooms do on their wedding day, that you may feel like you missed some things. That's why hiring a videographer can be one of the best wedding investments you'll make! Videographers capture footage of your venue in all its glory before guests arrive, they film guests at cocktail hour that you won't see because you'll be taking pictures, people smiling at you walking down the aisle that you may not have seen, or even your soon to be spouse getting ready with their best friends in another room. These little moments can be long lasting memories you will have forever in a special, custom-made film.

5. You can share the video with family and friends.

I hate talking about Covid more than we have to, so this will be my only sentence about it. Unfortunately, a lot of people cannot make it to weddings because of the pandemic. There are other reasons too, of course. People who live too far away, out of the country, or have another obligation. Having a video of your day and ceremony, especially during a time like this, that you can share with family and friends who weren't able to be present is just what you need to make them feel included!

6. You can relive your wedding day every year!

That's right! Make it a new tradition for you and your honey! How fun would that be on your anniversary to re-watch your wedding video while eating your favorite snacks and maybe even show it to your future kiddos one day?! So fun!

7. A way to show off your style!

A wedding video gives couples the chance to strut their stuff. I mean who wouldn't want to show off a film of themselves?! The day you look the most beautiful, the most handsome, and the happiest. A video not only shows the two of you, but it also shows how much fun you like to have and what kind of vibe your wedding day was. Were you traditional? Boho chic? Rustic vibes maybe? Or a little bit of everything? Whatever it is, your wedding film encompasses all of what the two of you love. Colors, family, friends, designs, entertainment, decor, and of course, each other.


I hope this gave you a little insight as to why a wedding videographer can be such an amazing investment. I may be biased because I see how much people cherish their film once they receive it, but it really is a lifelong memory of the happiest day of your life!

If you or someone you know wants to chat more about wedding videography, fill out the contact form on my website clicking the button below, and I'd be happy to chat all things wedding!

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Until next time friends!


Madeline Reagor

Made Along The Line Media

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