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Marilyn Monroe & The Pink Figgy

Updated: May 18, 2021

"Marilyn Monroe lives!!!" That's literally what someone on the street screamed out to us during this shoot.

Okay, let me tell you how this shoot came to be. My dear friend Christina heard of this cute little car that everyone adores...so she booked it! We had 30 minutes to shoot and it was so worth it!

Introducing...The Pink Figgy! Her name is Fiona, and she's a GEM! She's a rare Nissan Figaro at 30 years young! I don't even need to explain how great of a prop she is. Just look at this picture!

The Vibe

The vibe for this particular shoot was Vintage Hollywood and I think we #nailedit !! Christina wanted to dress as Marilyn Monroe because...why not?? She studied the way Marilyn Monroe would pose with her head tilted all the way to how she would purse her lips.

People were slowing down their cars on the street, hooting and hollering, taking pictures. Just standing there watching us have a blast. It was a little hectic because we had a limited 30 minutes to shoot and people were just in so much awe over Fiona. Asking us about her, asking to take pictures with the little car.

Even though random bystanders were taking up a bit of our time, I was living for everyone taking so much enjoyment from what we were creating...and Christina was loving every minute of fame.

I loved being able to connect with another creative during this shoot. Fiona's owner Meredith is the absolute best and can't wait to work with her again in the future!!

Check out the gallery below for some more images from this amazing styled shoot! Feel free to leave comments!

Cheers Friend! Till next time!



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