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To Do Or To Not Do A First Look

Updated: Jan 26

Hi friends! I'm here in your inbox with a new blog post! Woohoo!

We're talking "The First Look" today. Now first let me say that there are going to be a ton of people telling you what you should and shouldn't do on your wedding day. And that's a whole other blog post (coming soon!). But you, my dear, are the one in charge.This Is YOUR wedding day. So I'm not going to tell you what you should and shouldn't do. I'm just here to help you out if you're debating whether to do a first look or not. And that there are other fun options if you decide not to!

So first, let's say you are doing a first look. Great! There are so many reasons to do one. The first reason, and most important, is to have that intimate, special moment together. It can be so calming and relieving to see the person you love most after a long day of getting ready and maybe a few stressful moments. Sharing a moment like this can be so memorable, emotional, and a great photo/video op of course!

The second (and probably the main reason most people do a first look) is so that they don't have to take photos after the ceremony. Doing a first look means getting your portrait session and bridal party photos donezo before the ceremony even starts. Really the only photos that need to be taken are family photos if there wasn't time before the ceremony (and if you're dying for any sunset shots). Then you get to grab a drink (well actually it should just be handed to you lol) and enjoy your cocktail hour with friends, like these guys!


Now let's say you're going the "untraditional" route and aren't planning to do a first look. That's great too! There are other amazing ways to have moments together before the ceremony that aren't a first look. Liiikkeeee....

1. Exchanging letters

I love this idea so much! Some people are better at expressing how they feel through writing rather than speaking. I know I am most times. Writing letters is such a sweet way to communicate with each other without actually seeing each other. Stepping out to a quiet place and reading a love note, imagining what they look like right in that moment. Some couples include a sweet gift with their note too, like jewelry!

2. A "First Touch" (my personal favorite!)

Kate and Denny were my second Made Along The Line wedding couple. Seeing them do this, I was like, "Yep, I'm doing that at my wedding." Kate and Denny held hands from behind a doorway and just chatted for a few minutes, hyping each other up, saying I love you's, and alleviating any stress. I think just hearing each other's voice can be just what you need before a very long night ahead.

You can get creative with it too! Some couples find a gorgeous tree to do a first touch, a cool doorway at your venue, blindfolded (woah there), and some couples even read their letters to each when they do their first touch!

3. Wedding Party First Look

So you don't want to do a first look with your partner. How about with your wedding party?! No one is going to hype you up more than the people you've chosen to stand up at the altar with you. Stepping out, all decked out in your dress, shoes, jewelry, all done up, and seeing your bridesmaids reactions is priceless!

And grooms, you can do this too! You know your groomsmen are going to hype you up!


All that being said, first look or no first look, it's your day, remember. And you should choose what YOU want to do. Both are beautiful no matter what!

Well, I hope ya'll enjoyed reading this! And I hope I could at least help you out a little if you were considering whether to do a first look or not!

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Until next time friends!


Madeline Reagor

Made Along The Line Media

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